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Welcome to District 2 of the Ontario Federation of Snowmobile Clubs, Central Eastern Area Snowmobile Region.  From the Kawarthas to the Land O’Lakes, District 2 spans east to west from Plevna/Cloyne to Fenelon Falls/Lindsay and north to south from Bancroft to Highway 7.

District 2 is comprised of 7 Member Snowmobile Clubs that are dedicated to providing and maintaining a quality snowmobile trail network of 2000 km. Annually, our club volunteers with the assistance of their valued trail permit vendors sell over 7000 Trail Permits. 

Our trails are sure to please all types of Sledders. Day trippers can leisurely ride the trails, enjoy nature and replenish their energy for the trek home at any of our friendly restaurant locations conveniently located along the trails. 

Overnight riders can run many of the loops throughout the district riding on a combination of rail lines, TOP Trails and club trails ending back at your accommodations.  Touring sledders traveling through our area will certainly appreciate both our well groomed trail system and all of the convenient services along the way. Snow Tours.

BonEcho Loop
Kawartha Highlands Tour

So to all snowmobilers, whether exploring for a day, a week or longer, OFSC District 2 welcomes you to our ‘Winter Wonderland!”

OFSC District 2
RR1, 878 Old Hungerford Rd
Thomasburg, Ontario K0K 3H0

Tel/Fax: 613.478.5916


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